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Musically for PC is a video creating an app that allows you to make funny lip-sync HD video. This is the most hyped music app on the internet. The app contains amazing features such as adding separate music or dialogues of movies on a pre-shoot video. Many people are getting famous by making creative and funny videos through musically apps. Now the internet has become a wonderful platform to make money and get fame. This app popped up last in 2016 and got the attention of people who are social media freaks. People who always share something on social media are downloading this app. Musically is basically a music-based app; users or content creators make vines or something cheerful video and includes songs by genres, artist, albums. Sometimes they equalize the music according to the type of video. Once you download Musically for pc you will admit that this is the most influential app for content creators.

Why Download

Musically for pc is a topmost used app with good ratings. A person who loves music can make any kind of content with melody and customize it by frame skipping, time quickening and many others. If you are out of ideas you can subscribe to other people and get inspired. You can like and share on other social apps such as Facebook, YouTube. To find out favorite videos there is a search option and to make this process easier hashtags feature is also included.     

There is a privacy protection that does not want to show their content to everyone. In this situation, the posted video will be available only for some chosen friends. There is a list where tons of movie clips and music are available. Users can get access to that catalog and make their content with those clips. Users can also choose videos from their own internal memory directly. 

On normal occasions, videos are shot in vertical mode. The usual alignment of the display for smartphone devices is just a portrait. This is a great expedient for users that they can enjoy the video in an appropriate way. All they have to do is press the play and pause option.               

The question might arrive in your mind: why should I use a music app on pc. The answer is very simple. Having an app on pc and android is a good thing. You can carry an android phone anywhere you want but the phone may run out of charge. On the other hand, pc has a large monitor and there is no charge issue. Watching HD videos on a bigger screen is definitely more fun than watching videos on a smaller screen.

Features of Musically for PC

  1. While watching videos if you press it for a long time you can save, add to your favorite list, or ignore it.
  2. By long press, you can delete your notification.       
  3. If you discover any special effect and want to try on your own content, there is a saving option named “use this later”.    
  4. By clicking the live photo option you can set your favorite video as home screen or lock screen. 
  5. There are numerous filters on musically for pc, choose the desired one.   
  6. Share your video on social media such as Facebook and Youtube.
  7. There is a feature named “live moments” which allows you to make short videos or GIFs with music. 
  8. Musically lets you send personal videos through direct features.

Download Musically for PC

Like most of the apps Musically is also available for the android version only. There is no official version for desktop or pc. There is no direct way to download Musically for pc. So even if the official version for pc is not released yet you can still run this magical app on your desktop with the help of the emulator app. Emulator apps allow android apps to run on pc. Lots of android games are being played on pc such as PUBG, Free fire, Clash royal, etc. There are also many Photoshop apps that are being used on pc though they are not available for that device. In the next part, I will discuss the procedure to download and install Musically for pc through emulator apps.

Download Musically for PC with Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the most common emulator apps that allow Android apps to run on your laptop or pc. This emulator is also available for Mac OS. By installing Bluestacks you can play the most dominant android games like Free fire, PUBG, Mobile legends on desktop. 

  • Step 1 Go to and get the latest version of Bluestacks. After downloading the file, catch the install file on the download folder. 
  • Step 2 Click on the install file to begin the installation process. Forward bit by bit and select the drive where you want to install it. The installation will take several minutes and the PC might restart many times.   
  • Step 3 After finishing the installation go to your desktop and open the Bluestacks app.
  • Step 4 To confirm a safe download, provide your email id and password and proceed. 
  • Step 5 Locate the search option and type “Musically” and press enter. You can also do it from the Google play store.
  • Step 6 Install Musically for pc and wait for a few minutes or seconds. 
  • Step 7 After installing Musically go to your main menu or desktop and open it.  

Before downloading Bluestacks, just download the latest version. The latest version Bluestacks4 is six times faster than the Samsung smartphone. I personally recommend this emulator to download android apps.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Musically

+ Great platform to show your talent and editing skill.  

+ Inspirational app for music lovers and aspiring singers.  

Compulsory registration. 

Creates addiction among youngsters.  

Threat to your privacy.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I would say that Musically for pc has gained so much popularity that some users are making money through this app. They are making millions of followers and becoming a social influencer. So if you are a melody lover or a content creator then you must download this app.

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