5 Best iOS Emulator for PC – Free Donload on Windows and Mac

Do you want to buy an iPhone but don’t have money? Are you an iPhone admirer and scuffling buying one? If you are not able to buy a new iPhone and still obsessed with that then there is a solution for you. You can bring all the unique functions on your pc through iOS emulator for pc. You must have heard about the app, it’s now very popular among iPhone lovers. If you don’t know about this app, the whole article is about the download and installation process of iOS emulator, keep reading patiently.     

What is iOS Emulator?

iOS emulator app is electronic software that allows windows operating systems to play any kind of iPhone games or software. iOS emulator for pc offers you the screen with the function of the application which you have installed. Your pc could be considered as that computer that has all the qualities and features of an iPhone or iPad. All the iOS apps could be run perfectly on your Windows computer as you enjoy them on your iPhone Operating System. Normally people use these emulator apps to get access to iOS software and games. There are so many apps that are only made for the iPhone operating system. If you can’t afford an iPhone doesn’t mean you can’t have those features, thanks to iOS emulator for pc. This fantastic emulator lets you copy the whole system of the iPhone on your computer and enjoy the applications as a regular iPhone user. 

Some Best iOS Emulator for PC

  1. Smartface

One of the best iOS emulators for users. This app allows you to run ios apps and games spontaneously on windows operating systems. When you intend to develop iPhone apps for free, a smart face is always there for you. You are permitted to progress native iOS applications with a smart face, which also supports cross-platform. Smartface is a full-featured app that minimizes cost, upturns, and gives you answers in a smart way. I personally love the features of this app. When you try to run the native apps of the iPhone on pc it works perfectly.


  • You don’t need to worry about the product update, Smartface launches the update automatically.
  • Smartface includes its own devices with custom resolution.
  1. iPadian

Due to some amazing features and user-friendly interface iPadian holds the top position of iOS emulator for pc. Features are similar to the iPhone operating system which can also be used on Siri, TvOS. iPadian is really a cool and marvelous emulator app that provides a clean UI that is compatible with iOS. iPadian will give you the feel of using an iPhone or iPad. You can download any app or game from the app store through this emulator. 


  • Technically iPadian is not an emulator, it’s a simulator.
  • iPadian copies the look and the basic structures of an Apple device.
  • 1000+ games and apps are played through this emulator.
  1. Air iPhone Emulator

Another best emulator that lets you use the iPhone operating system (iOS) app on pc. The user interface of this emulator app is similar to iOS 6. Well, playing games and enjoying other apps are now very easy through this app.        

To work flawlessly, you will need the Adobe AIR framework for this emulator app. Basically, Air iPhone emulator is an adobe air app that offers you iPhone’s graphical user interface or GUI. It’s good to know that some main apps aren’t supported by the Air iPhone emulator. Safari is one of them. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Modest and instinctive user interface.
  • Almost all iOS apps are supported.
  1. iPhone Simulator

iPhone simulator allows you to run iOS apps and games on your desktop computer or pc. If you are an app developer and want to test your apps through a simulated iPhone, the iPhone simulator helps you to do that. As you know, purchasing a new iPhone can cost you a huge amount of money; an iPhone simulator can save your money and fulfill your purpose.


  • Simple and sophisticated interface.
  • Let’s organize your cloud desktop.
  1. Mobileone Studio

For users who want to play iOS games and develop iPhone apps, Mobileone studio is a smart choice for them. This emulator allows you to download almost all kinds of ios apps. Cross-platform apps can be industrialized by iOS app developers, and all applications are constructed on HML5. Users can modify the status notifications on their PC with the support of this emulator.  


  • Capable of app testing and development.
  • Supports huge size apps for testing purposes.

Final Words

For developing iPhone apps or running them on pc, an iOS emulator for pc is the most reliable way. Though there are some disadvantages of these emulators apps when it comes to privacy ios emulators are the world’s most secure app. There are no problems regarding downloading and installing. I hope you will find it useful and comfortable.

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